What is CSR Black Sea Network?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Black Sea is an initiative in order to promote CSR and to create a new area of cooperation toward a sustainable development of Black Sea Region in the long term, 2012. Black Sea CSR initiative offers a new collaboration between Black Sea countries on CSR where it calls the CSR Organizations and the private sector who is interested in CSR in the region to come together, share and transfer good CSR practices and ideas.Regions are important for CSR networks as the countries have quite similar economic, social and environmental challenges where they can benefit from their own experience and know-how. In the long term, those networks play an important role for the sustainable development of the regions. Thus bring the idea of the initiative CSR Black Sea, where the region has a very good potential and resources to develop innovative collaborative projects supported by companies operating in this region.

Short Term Objectives:

  • Increasing the awareness about CSR in Black Sea Region
  • Capacity development of the NGOs particularly focusing on CSR in

Medium Term Objectives:

  • Creating a CSR platform in the region where all the Black Sea countries are involved for information and know-how exchange about CSR
  • Empowering the region in the field of CSR, increasing the competitiveness of the region based on sustainability

Long Term Objectives:

  • Developing joint CSR projects, creating new areas of cooperation toward a sustainable development of Black Sea Region
  • Improving and empowering in the areas of human rights, labor rights, environment and corporate governance, shifting to a more value-based and democratized system.

The Partners and Donor

Supported by German Marshall Fund Black Sea Trust, CSR Black Sea initiative has started thanks to Armenia Marketing Association, CSR Azerbaijan, CSR Armenia, CSR Ukraine, Economic Policy Institute – Bulgaria, Global Compact Network Bulgaria, the CSR Agency – Romania and CSR Turkey.


Name of the Organization: Azerbaijan KSM Azerbaycan (CSR Azerbaijan)

Address of the Organization:Vidadi Street, 159, Baku AZ1000, Azerbaijan. 

Director: Rashad Camal, Executive director (Towards the Unity) e-mail : |

Name of the Organization: Economic Policy Institute Address of the Organization:

Khan Asparouh Str., fl .4 •1463 Sofia

e-mail : T: (+359 2) 952 29 47 | F: (+359 2) 952 26 93

Name of the Organization: Global Compact Network Bulgaria Association Address of the Organization: 

169, Evlogi i Hristo Georgievi Blvd., offi ce 112 1504 Sofi a, Bulgaria 


T: (+359 2) 428 20 15

Name of the Organization: The CSR Agency Address of the Organization:

21st Gheorhge Lazar street. Building A 1st Floor, 1st District, Bucharest – Romanis 

e-mail | M: +40 73 501 00 99 |F: +40 21 314 66 15

Name of the Organization: Centre Corporate Social Responsibility Development Web:

Name of the Organization: Armenian Marketing Association (AMA)

President: Serdar Dinler
e-mail :

Name of the Organization: Armenian Marketing Association (AMA)

About Project

Accelerating CSR in the Black Sea Region Project aims to increase the awareness of NGOs, companies and academia towards CSR and SDGs and to develop their capacities.

In addition, within the scope of the project, a CSR platform will be created in the Black Sea, including all regional countries.

The project will revitalize the CSR Black Sea Platform and create a mechanism for exchanging information and know-how about CSR and SDGs.

A guidebook and best practice catalog will be prepared, an online situation analysis questionnaire will be applied and online seminars will be held on prioritized issues.

Project Partners

  • CSR Turkey – Turkey
  • Armenian Marketing Association – Armenia
  • CSR Ukraine – Ukraine


CSR Situation Survey

An online survey will be conducted in each partner country and other Black Sea Countries. The aim of the research is to make a situation analysis for CSR in the private sector and civil society.

CSR-101 Guidebook

“What is CSR and how has it developed?” A guidebook will be prepared to raise awareness of all stakeholders, especially the private sector and civil society, on CSR and SDG. 

CSR Black Sea – Best Practices Catalogue

An online catalog that includes best practices in CSR and SDG from all countries in the Black Sea region, especially partner countries, will be prepared. 

Online Webinars: CSR Certification

Online seminars on 7 priority issues will be organized with the participation of civil society and private sector representatives from different countries. Potential Webinar Topics: CSR, SDGs, Circular Economy, Volunteering, Human Rights in Business, Future of Work, European Green Deal.


CSR Turkey



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