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CSR Black Sea | Regional Network Members

Regional Network Members

CSR Turkey

Name of the Organization: CSR Turkey Address of the Organization:

Kadir Has Cad. 34230-01 Cibali-Fatih/ İstanbul

President: Serdar Dinler


T : +90 (212) 533 65 32 / 12 19 | F : +90 (212) 533 57 69

Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey was founded in 2005 to help the development of the consciousness of social responsibility, extend the knowledge of CSR in national and international level in its endeavor for sustainable development and social achievement in Turkey. CSR Turkey creates tools, resources and methodologies particularly for business, so that businesses can mitigate the negative eff ects on social and environmental level and foster a positive impact on the development of the society and itself. CSR Turkey focusses on 4 core areas: CSR Trainings (Recently; ISO 26000) Scientific researches on CSR (CSR Report 2010, CSR Report 2008) Advocacy of CSR (article request to the Turkish Constitution) CSR Turkey annually organizes: CSR Marketplace in Turkey Give & Gain Day NGO Days CSR Turkey is a member of: CSR Europe CSR Middle East

Armenian Marketing Association

Armenian Marketing Association AMA NGO Armenian Marketing Association (AMA), founded in 2002, has conducted in implementing cross-border grant programs and marketing and research services.

Armenian Marketing Association NGO implements various research, grant, training and consultancy programs. Together with its Georgian, Turkish and Azerbaijani partners we implement joint programs in marketing and research, publishing (South Caucasian Export Catalogs, documentaries), professional trainings and rapprochement. One of the main spheres of our interest are cross border projects contributing to development of cross border cooperation and interaction.

Our company has implemented surveys in diff erent areas such as education, health care, democracy and governance indicators, skills and knowledge needs survey, population attitudes on social tendencies and energy issues, social-economical baselines, anti-corruption programs, etc. AMA is also one of the leading training companies in Armenia. We’ve got regular training programs on marketing and related spheres in cooperation with our Austrian (www.wifi .at), Netherlands ( and Finnish ( partners.

Within our training and consulting programs we always cooperate with governmental, quasi-governmental and international organizations. AMA NGO implements projects for private companies and businesses, governmental bodies, factories, NGOs, embassies, international organizations as well as for governmental agencies and ministries.

CSR Armenia

Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Armenia NGO was established in 2010 aiming to develop the CSR in Armenia and provide trainings, consultations and surveys.

Within 2 years we have implemented several projects with international organizations, embassies and companies.

CSR Armenia has prepared several brochures and publications and has held 3 trainings within the last two years. Since the beginning of our activities we have been actively cooperating with international partners and due to the global approach our Regional Partner - Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey.

Azerbaijan KSM Azerbaycan

Name of the Organization: Azerbaijan KSM Azerbaycan (CSR Azerbaijan)

Address of the Organization:Vidadi Street, 159, Baku AZ1000, Azerbaijan.

Director: Rashad Camal, Executive director (Towards the Unity)

e-mail : |

T: +994 12 594 38 35 | M: +994 55 203 07 00 CSR

Azerbaijan CSR Azerbaijan is the first non-governmental organization focused on providing corporate social responsibility concepts in Azerbaijan. It was established in 2012 by the number of experts as a result of a lack of education in this sphere. Mission Organization is aimed to inform Azerbaijani enterprises on CSR and help them implement it in their businesses by creating all opportunities while providing them with resources and methods. Activities Organization of CSR trainings and seminars Organization of CSR researches CSR consulting services Preparation and Organization of CSR projects Distribution of information about CSR

Economic Policy Institute

Name of the Organization: Economic Policy Institute Address of the Organization:

Khan Asparouh Str., fl .4 •1463 Sofi

a e-mail : T: (+359 2) 952 29 47 | F: (+359 2) 952 26 93

The Economic Policy Institute The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) is a non-governmental, politically independent and not-for-profi t organization, founded on 12 May 1997. The mission of EPI is to support the effi cient participation of Bulgaria in the EU and global economy and to contribute to the overall transformation and development processes in South Eastern Europe. EPI’s primary tasks are: to conduct economic research and provide interdisciplinary analyses of key economic and socioeconomic trends; to elaborate on and advocate alternative approaches in the fi eld of economic policy and specifi c economic sectors; to encourage independent expert opinions and introduce best practices; to bring experts together to explore issues and exchange views in order to generate innovative proposals for practical economic policy measures; to provoke public discussions on a wide range of economic and socioeconomic issues and thus inform and infl uence policy- and decision-makers and the society.

Global Compact Network Bulgaria Association

Name of the Organization: Global Compact Network Bulgaria Association Address of the Organization:

169, Evlogi i Hristo Georgievi Blvd., offi ce 112 1504 Sofi a, Bulgaria


T: (+359 2) 428 20 15

Global Compact Network Bulgaria Association Global Compact Network Bulgaria Association was founded on 10 September 2010 as a step of further consolidation of the eff orts of 20 leading companies and organizations, members the UN Global Compact in Bulgaria, who were willing to focus their joint efforts in the responsible and sustainable management principles popularization. The organization coordinates the local network of Global Compact in Bulgaria which consists of more than 140 multinationals and local SMEs, NGOs and representatives of academia.

It is also the national partnering organization of CSR Europe for Bulgaria. Mission With its members taking the lead, to confi rm and uphold social responsibility behaviour in the Bulgarian society and help balance the three pillars of sustainable development – economic growth, societal development and environment protection. Vision To support the Millennium Development Goals by committing to shared universal values and principles to improve the quality of life for people. Activities Global Compact Network Bulgaria off ers a number of services to its members that include: A national, regional or sectoral platform for training and exchange of CSR practices by organizing trainings and national or regional forums and discussions with due regard to local development priorities and the role of responsible business Support the exchange of innovative practices and knowledge development by conducting surveys, studying and adapting good practices, delivering social responsibility behaviour implementing tools, etc., related to Association’s objectives; Encourage Association’s member companies and partners to integrate the sustainable development principles and CSR in their respective visions and values; Motivate and assist network members to develop partnership and/or collective projects contributing to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals; Support joint projects and initiatives of network members and partners; Develop and implement policies and partnership initiatives aiming to promote corporate social responsibility; Engage in intensive cooperation with training institutions to integrate sustainable development and corporate social responsibility topics in training curricula; Assist its members in the preparation of their annual Communication on Progress Reports and other relative information regarding Current programs Business values Education and career development Lifestyle

The CSR Agency

Name of the Organization: The CSR Agency Address of the Organization:

21st Gheorhge Lazar street. Building A 1st Floor, 1st District, Bucharest - Romanis

e-mail | M: +40 73 501 00 99 |F: +40 21 314 66 15

The CSR Agency The CSR Agency is a management consultancy specialized in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Sustainability.

We train and advise organizations of all sizes about Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, helping them to understand and embed it in their operations. Our training and mentoring services range from short introductory briefi ngs and workshops to facilitated visioning sessions and on to strategic mentoring and integrated action planning. The CSR Agency provides you with the understanding, confi dence and competence to help you realise success through corporate responsibility and sustainability. We are a management consultancy agency specialized in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Sustainability.

We help the managers to conduct their business in a responsible way. We support CSR coordinators in research, strategic planning, project management, monitoring and sustainability reporting. The company was founded in February of 2011 by Dragos Tuta and Andrei Bortun. Mission: Our mission is to create responsible business practices within the Romanian companies by improving the know how and the results of the CSR Coordinators.

Vision: We believe that a strong economy is based on competivity and transparency achieved by communicating the non fi nancial impact generated by the companies through the direct and indirect interactions with their stakeholders.

The CSR Agency works with Private organisations to help them understand the corporate responsibility and sustainability opportunity and create and implement sustainability action plans that add value and improve competitive advantage. Our clients are Carpatcement Holding S.A., Provident Financial IFN S.A. and Ursus Breweries S.A.

Centre Corporate Social Responsibility

Name of the Organization: Centre Corporate Social Responsibility Development Web: Center for CSR Development is a leading expert organization in Ukraine, which implements critical for business projects in Ukraine but also provides support for companies to develop CSR strategies and non-fi nancial reports.

Member of the UN Global Compact Board (2010-2012), a national partner of CSR Europe (Brussels) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD, Geneva). Organization unites 37 companies in Ukraine as its members and cooperates with international experts from 20 countries.

During five years the Centre for CSR Development: implemented more than 27 projects; prepared and published around 130 publications; held more than 140 public events with engagement of about 3,000 representatives of business, NGOs and the media. Centre for CSR Development is: an initiator and organizer of the National CSR Case Contest in Ukraine; an organizer of CSR Marketplace, a fair of social and environmental projects of different organizations in Ukraine; an organizer of the fi rst Contest for the best non-fi nancial report in Ukraine; an author of the fi rst text-book "Corporate social responsibility: models and management practices” approved by Ministry of Education in Ukraine; a partner of the publishing house EKONOMIKA in conducting First educational oProject in Eastern Europe for CSR managers –CSR Academy