CSR Situation Survey

An online survey will be conducted in each partner country and other Black Sea Countries. The aim of the research is to make a situation analysis for CSR in the private sector and civil society.

CSR-101 Guidebook

“What is CSR and how has it developed?” A guidebook will be prepared to raise awareness of all stakeholders, especially the private sector and civil society, on CSR and SDG.

CSR Black Sea - Best Practices Catalogue

An online catalog that includes best practices in CSR and SDG from all countries in the Black Sea region, especially partner countries, will be prepared.

CSR Webinars

Online seminars on 7 priority issues will be organized with the participation of civil society and private sector representatives from different countries.

  • CSR 101 – What is it?  
  • Supply Chain and SMEs 
  • Gender Equality 
  • Corporate Volunteering 
  • Community Investment 
  • CSR and Covid 
  • Circular Economy